ABC has made its final renewal/cancelation decision of the season with the cancelation of Whiskey Cavalier. The series finale, “Czech Republic,” will air May 22, 2019

This means that Alex has won Laughing Place’s ABC Prediction poll

Show producer Bill Lawrence and the stars of the series took to social media to share their disappointment.

For a full list of ABC’s renewal decisions, visit Laughing Place’s renewal/cancel guide.

About Whiskey Cavalier:

An hour-long action dramedy that follows the adventures of tough but tender FBI super-agent Will Chase (code name: “Whiskey Cavalier”), played by Scott Foley. Following an emotional breakup, Chase is assigned to work with badass CIA operative Frankie Trowbridge (code name: “Fiery Tribune”), played by Lauren Cohan. Together, they lead an inter-agency team of flawed, funny and heroic spies who periodically save the world – and each other – while navigating the rocky roads of friendship, romance and office politics. The series is from writer/executive producer David Hemingson and executive producer Bill Lawrence with Warner Bros. Television.

About the Season Finale:

Ollerman attempts to force the team to commit a terrorist attack for The Trust using Ray’s life as leverage. Meanwhile, Jai helps Standish deal with a revelation about Tina, and Will and Frankie come to a realization about their relationship.



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