Google Street View, Disney Reveal Pixar Easter Eggs at Toy Story Land

Guests thinking that Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was impressive have another surprise coming. Disney and Google Street View have released a cleverly planned tour of the land that features hidden Pixar Easter Eggs.

What’s happening:

  • Google Street View has given homesick Disney fans a chance to set foot in their favorite parks and enjoy 306° views of these beloved spaces.
  • A new Google Street View of Toy Story Land Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios takes things a step further, by dropping in fun references to some Pixar films.
  • Since the release of Toy Story, Pixar’s very first film, the animation studio has become famous for including a series of consistent Easter Eggs in each one of their films and shorts.

  • From relevant inside jokes, to hidden references to other films, Pixar has turned the practice into an art form, keeping the world on their toes with each release, as fans scour the films frame by frame in search of the newest hidden gems.
  •  So, when it came time to capture Toy Story Land, a Disney Park based on the beloved Pixar franchise, for placement on Google Street View, the team at Disney saw an opportunity to bring this iconic tradition to life in a brand-new medium.
  • Working hand in hand with Pixar, Disney identified eight unique Easter Eggs, and hid them throughout the land on the day it was captured.

The Easter Eggs include:

  • A guest posed as Sid, from the first Toy Story film.
  • A sports jersey bearing the name “McQueen” and the number “95”, in reference to Lightning McQueen, from the Cars franchise.
  • A guest playing Miguel’s guitar from Coco.
  • A toy version of the Pizza Planet truck, which appears in each Pixar film.
  • A shirt featuring the Buy n Large logo, a fictional brand spanning across the Pixar films.
  • “A113”, a hidden sequence appearing in each and every Pixar film.
  • A pair of guests holding umbrellas in reference to the Pixar Short, “The Blue Umbrella.”
  • A backpack draped with a luggage tag featuring Nemo.

Toy Story Land celebrated its grand opening nearly one year ago! Here fans can shrink down to the size of a toy and experience life in Andy’s backyard.

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