Walt Disney World has settled a 2018 lawsuit involving a child who was attacked by a drunken teenager at Epcot, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

  • Melissa Weber, a Kansas City mother, sued Disney in 2018 after her 11-year-old daughter was attacked by the drunken teenager during their 2017 visit.
  • Weber accused Disney of serving alcohol to someone underage and not keeping their guests safe.
  • The lawsuit sought more than $15,000 in damages in Orange Circuit Court.
  • The amount of the settlement has not been disclosed at this time.
  • According to an Orange County Sheriff’s report, the teenager grabbed the child by the hair, threw her into a trash can and began punching her while on the ground during the family’s January 13, 2017 visit.
  • Weber claimed her daughter “suffered severe injuries” in the lawsuit.
  • The attacker, who will not be named because she was a minor at the time, has been identified as a 17-year-old Naples girl and she is also accused of attacking another guest at the park and was arrested and charged with child abuse, battery and criminal mischief.
  • According to the sheriff's report, the attacker was at Epcot with her boyfriend and a friend and all three appeared to be drunk when the fights broke out.
  • Colette Santana was also attacked while she and her friends were making their way toward the park’s exit.
  • The attacker’s intoxicated friend had fallen down while attempting to pick up her phone from the ground.When Santana instructed her friends to go around the girl, and the attacker took offense.
  • According to the incident report, she swore at Santana and her friends and began throwing punches. Santana was hit in the ear with a closed fist.
  • The incident involving the 11-year-old Kansas girl took place shortly after the first attack.
  • The girl was punched four or five times and slapped across the face and, according to the lawsuit, she has since suffered from “anxiety, fear, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.”
  • Disney has declined to comment on these incidents.


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