Disneyland Paris’ culinary celebration, Le Rendez-vous Gourmand returns to Walt Disney Studios Park from July 10th to October 13th  2019. This third Edition will celebrate the finest food and drink from France and all across Europe.

What’s happening:

  • Disneyland Paris has announced the menus for their culinary festival, Le Rendez-vous Gourmand.
  • This delightful tour of Euopean specialities is the perfect way to treat your taste buds and satisfy cravings.
  • Guests will enjoy the very best in traditional French cuisine including tartiflette of Savoie and tasty crêpes of Bretagne. Plus traditional Belgian fries, Spanish paella, Italian Tiramisu and more are all on the menu!

Chalets France: National Nibbles

Sample delicious French specialities, including the exotic tastes of the French Antilles in the Caribbean.

NEW! Le Bar À Vin

Charcuterie and cheese are a famous part of French cuisine, try an assorted selection from our menu paired with a glass of organic wine or organic champagne.  

NEW! Éclair & Gourmandise

France is renowned for making the finest pastries. And this chalet is where you’ll find a selection of its famous éclairs, from pistachio to chocolate.

Chalet Alsace

Germanic influences give this region a special flavour, accompanied by local wine. Savour a mouth-watering plate of Choucroute, the Alsatian recipe for happiness.

Chalet Bretagne

Surrounded by the sea, this region abounds in cuisine featuring sumptuous salted butter. And as its cider makers will tell you, no visit is complete without a sweet or savory crêpe.



Chalet Savoie

Discover traditional Alpine recipes passed down through generations. These delicious dishes feature Savoyard cheeses and sophisticated charcuterie.


Chalet French Antilles

Treat yourself to some tropical tastes from the French West Indies, where everything is fresh and accompanied by a side of sunshine.

Chalets Europe: Continental Cravings

New for 2019. Satisfy your cravings with a selection of Europe’s finest food and drink, from Belgian fries to Italian pizza and Spanish paella.


NEW! Chalet Greece

Sample the simple yet flavoursome delights of Greece – from a comforting moussaka to a refreshing Greek salad.

Chalet Belgium

Belgium may be small, but it’s big on flavour, and you can enjoy its fries, fricadelle and waffles.


Chalet Italy

Tuck into traditional, wholesome dishes from a country where every dinner is an occasion best shared with friends and family. Salute!

Chalet Spain

Fill up with the many distinctive flavours of Spain, from hearty family favourites like seafood and chorizo paella to the divine crema catalana.

Chalet Vegan Kitchen

Sample famous vegan dishes from all over the world, such as Indian dal, Lebanese falafels and a super healthy Buddha bowl.

Chalet Bistrot de l’été

Relax at chalet Bistrot de l’été with a tipple from our carefully curated collection of European draught and bottled beer.

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