The FBI is now investigating the email phishing scam that Reedy Creek Improvement District fell victim to in 2018. The local government for Walt Disney World was duped into paying out nearly $700,000.

What’s happening: 

  • Last year Walt Disney World’s government, Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID), fell victim to an email phishing scheme paying out nearly $722,000.
  • While most of the money was recovered, RCID did lose over $93,000.
  • The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Orange County Sheriff’s Office has completed their investigation and has referred the case to the FBI.
  • The phishing scheme involved emails from a legitimate landscaping company that RCID frequently worked with. An email account belonging to one of the employees at the landscaping company was hacked.
  • The hacker then sent a request to RCID to change bank accounts for the next payment. Believing the request to be legitimate, RCID proceeded to initiate the change.
  • The Sheriff’s office was reportedly told that the scheme was “purportedly linked to a larger nationwide investigation being conducted by multiple local and federal law enforcement agencies."
  • As mentioned above, the FBI is now investigating the case.
  • In May of 2018, two men were arrested in connection to the scam, however criminal charges are still pending for one man. The other “bonded out of jail.”


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