Celebrate Marvel’s 80th Anniversary with Collectible X-Men Barbie Dolls

Collectors and Barbie fans can celebrate Marvel’s 80th Anniversary with the newest collection of dolls. Three Marvel X-Men characters, Storm, Mystique, and Dark Phoenix are available now individually, or as a set and make a great addition to any collection.

What’s happening:

  • Barbie is celebrating the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics with a tribute to legendary Super Hero Storm, X-Men foe Mystique, and X-Men character Dark Phoenix!
  • The highly detailed dolls come with brilliant costumes and accessories that emulate the original characters that debuted in Marvel Comics.

About the dolls:

Marvel Storm Barbie Doll

  • Storm
    • Storm Barbie doll is as electrifying as the character she emulates. This doll captures Storm’s iconic look in a shiny-black bodysuit, cape and thigh-high boots, all with metallic-golden trim.
    • Gauntlets, a headdress, and her signature gemstone brooch finish the fierce look.

Marvel Mystique Barbie Doll

  • Mystique
    • Mystique Barbie doll is as beguiling as the character she emulates. This collectible Barbie doll captures the Super Villain’s iconic look in a white dress with a double slit and belt of skulls.
    • Details include white gloves, boots, and the signature skull detail adorning her forehead.

Marvel Dark Phoenix Barbie Doll

  • Dark Phoenix
    • Dark Phoenix Barbie doll is fierce! This collectible doll captures Dark Phoenix’s iconic look in a red bodysuit with shimmering golden details, including the golden phoenix graphic, thigh-high boots, gloves, and a sash.

Image for  from Mattel

Image for from Mattel

What they’re saying:

  • Designer Bill Greening: “We had a list of about 10 female characters we suggested. The Marvel team then helped us narrow it down to 3 based on their knowledge of fan favorites. Once the characters were established, we had to narrow it down to which version of the character would be most iconic. The costumes for each have changed throughout the years. I wanted to make sure the fans of these characters felt like the Barbie team was going to do them justice, capturing all the important details that will set these dolls apart.”
  • Read the full interview with Greening on the official Barbie Blog.

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