A bulletproof backpack company called TuffyPacks has removed Disney princess and Marvel themed products from their website after Disney issued a statement saying the use of these characters was not authorized and should be stopped, according to The Wrap.

  • The Houston-based manufacturer sells bulletproof backpacks as well as bulletproof inserts for backpacks and other bags, like the one seen above featuring Disney princesses like Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine and Rapunzel.
  • A TuffyPacks spokesperson said these items were removed from the website while they review their options for the products but did not give any more details.
  • TuffyPacks was selling inserts like the one seen above, which are meant to protect uses from multiple rounds of handgun fire, featuring Disney princesses and the Avengers for $129.
  • Harry Potter-themed products were also removed from the company’s website after Warner Bros. released a similar statement.
  • The website reportedly featured a disclaimer on these products, saying “This product is not associated with the original copyright owner.”
  • TuffyPack’s founder and CEO Steve Naremore explained that the company never asked Disney for support.

What they’re saying:

  • Disney Spokesperson: “None of these products were authorized by Disney, and we are demanding that those behind this stop using our characters or our other intellectual property to promote sales of their merchandise.”
  • TuffyPack’s founder and CEO Steve Naremore on his product (via The Hollywood Reporter): “You’re going to have some people who say it’s a great idea, and others who say this is really sad. I understand that thought process. It may not be for everyone. You have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. You hope you don’t have to use it.”
  • Naremore on the use of Disney characters: “Our inserts are black and look kind of tactical and ballistic. We use licensed fabric, to try to make them more kid friendly.”