According to the Orlando Sentinel, a tourist is suing Disney for injuries sustained while loading the ride vehicle at Space Mountain

  • 50 year old Samantha Howard of the United Kingdom is seeking more than $15,000 in a lawsuit filed earlier this month
  • The incident occurred in September of 2017 at Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain attraction
  • According to the lawsuit, the dark environment of Space Mountain made it difficult for her to see the unreleased metal bar restraint, which she caught her foot on.
  • The lawsuit also claims that the Disney Cast Members were negligent by not lifting up the lap bar prior to her boarding the vehicle. allowing the incident to occur.
  • Her lawyer, Stefano Batista-Cagan of Morgan & Morgan, says that she ended up losing her balance, falling and breaking her ankle.
  • A Disney Spokeswoman declined to comment to the Sentinel when asked on Friday.