That’s no moon, it’s a…basketball? Don’t worry, it’s not the arrival of the Darth Lakers, it’s just time for Star Wars Nights to come to NBA games throughout our galaxy, as Star Wars fans will soon feel the power of the Force in arenas this NBA season.

What’s Happening:

  • In celebration of the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Lucasfilm is teaming up with 17 NBA teams for Star Wars Nights in December and January 2020.
  • Coming to select games, Star Wars Nights will feature Star Wars-themed giveaways, costumed characters, photo opportunities, and more galactic fun.
  • Some of the giveaways include bobbleheads of players in Star Wars gear, while other locations will be giving away clothing items, such as socks or t-shirts.
  • Some of the giveaways for Star Wars nights that we know of for this NBA Season include:
    • Brooklyn Nets – DeAndre Jordan Jedi bobblehead giveaway
    • Charlotte Hornets – Terry Rozier Jedi bobblehead giveaway
    • Chicago Bulls – Star Wars socks giveaway
    • Denver Nuggets – Star Wars tumbler giveaway
    • Golden State Warriors – Kevon Looney stormtrooper bobblehead giveaway
    • San Antonio Spurs – Star Wars shirt giveaway
  • Tickets are available here, and you can check out the full schedule below:
    • Portland Trail Blazers: 12/10/19
    • Miami Heat: 12/10/19
    • Golden State Warriors: 12/11/19
    • Chicago Bulls: 12/13/19
    • Sacramento Kings: 12/13/19
    • Milwaukee Bucks: 12/14/19
    • Dallas Mavericks: 12/14/19
    • Denver Nuggets: 12/15/19
    • Houston Rockets: 12/16/19
    • Utah Jazz: 12/17/19
    • Cleveland Cavaliers: 12/18/19
    • San Antonio Spurs: 12/19/19
    • Brooklyn Nets: 12/21/19
    • Charlotte Hornets: 12/31/19
    • Washington Wizards: 1/3/20
    • Orlando Magic: 1/4/20
    • New York Knicks: 1/24/20



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