It seems everyone is a fan of Disney+, including Tesla owners. This week a Massachusetts-based owners group took to Twitter to ask for a Disney+ addition to the Theater Mode, and Mr. Musk himself replied that an update was coming.

What’s happening:

  • Tesla will soon feature the option to watch Disney+ in the Tesla Theater on the vehicles’ touchscreen device.
  • Fans and Tesla owners in Massachusetts asked via Twitter if Disney+ could be added to their vehicles and, surprisingly, Elon Musk responded with an affirmative.
  • The founder of the electric car company offered a short but positive answer for anxious fans by saying, “Coming Soon.”

  • Of course “soon” doesn’t hint at a timeline for when a native app will be available, but some users have found a workaround and are currently able to enjoy Disney+ in their vehicles.
  • YouTuber Nate Mccomb gives step by step instructions for how to access the platform via YouTube.

  • If you’re not familiar, select Tesla vehicles come equipped with a large touch screen on the dashboard panel used for navigation and so much more. In fact, when the car is in “park” and the vehicle is charging, drivers can be can stream movies and videos or even play games.
  • According to TechCrunch, this fall, the car’s V10 digital update included the Tesla Theater which “added streaming media from Netflix and YouTube, as well as Tesla vehicle feature tutorials.”