runDisney Issues Weather Advisory as 2020 Walt Disney World Marathon Event Weekend Begins

As the Walt Disney World Marathon event weekend kicks off, officials at runDisney have issued a weather advisory due to the temperatures that are forecasted over the weekend.

What’s Happening:

  • The team at runDisney have issued the following advisory:
    • “We are expecting warm weather and high humidity during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, January 8-12, 2020. Those participating in this event should keep the following tips in mind:
      • Stay well hydrated prior to races by alternating water and electrolyte-based hydration options.
      •  Choose light clothing/costumes for your races, and ensure any headwear is breathable and allows heat to escape.
      • Throughout your race, hydrate by alternating water and electrolyte-based hydration options and be conservative of your pace as to not overextend yourself. This may not be the event to attempt your personal best.
      • Slow down and ask for assistance at any signs of heat illness, including dizziness, light-headedness or nausea. Heed these warnings seriously.
    • As a reminder, all medical stations will have the appropriate flag color displayed according to existing heat conditions. For more information, please reference the Event Safety page in the Digital Event Guide. Any adjustments to the race are at the discretion of the Event Management team and are for everyone’s safety.”

  • The weather forecast for the weekend has temperatures ranging from 69 degrees (farenheit) early in the event weekend during the shorter races, and climbing to 86 degrees over the weekend by Sunday, just in time for the Full Walt Disney World Marathon.
  • The temperature increase seems to increase with the length of the races during the event:
    • Walt Disney World 5K (Thursday, 1/9) – 76 degrees
    • Walt Disney World 10K (Friday 1/10) – 80 degrees
    • Walt Disney World Half Marathon (Saturday 1/11) – 84 degrees
    • Walt Disney World Marathon (Sunday 1/12) – 86 degrees
  • The last sentence in the advisory issued is worth noting. It was only two years ago that runDisney officials cancelled the Walt Disney World Half Marathon due to weather concerns.