The littlest of Disney fans will light-up when they see the latest bubble wands from shopDisney in action, with each wand including bubble features or light-up modes, providing plenty of magical moments for fans of all ages!

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What’s Happening:

  • shopDisney has released a new set of bubble wands available for fans of all ages to enjoy, featuring several Disney or Marvel characters.
  • The wands feature Minnie Mouse on a Unicorn, Chip from Beauty and the Beast, Stitch in a spaceship and everyone’s favorite neighborhood (even though he’s been to outer-space) Spider-Man.
  • Little Minnie fans will light-up when they see the Minnie Mouse wand in action. Mickey’s leading lady rides a unicorn on top and the button on the handle can illuminate the entire wand in three different flashing modes.
  • Help Stitch blast off on a space adventure by flipping the switch on this bubble wand to light-up his rocket and send a stream of bubbles out the back. Flip the switch in the opposite direction for lights only.
  • Watch Chip light-up the room as he bubbles over with pride for this automated wand. He'll blow a wafting wave of fairytale magic as far as you can see!
  • In Spider-Man's comic book adventures, lots of speech bubbles come out of his mouth, with this bubble wand, soapy bubbles stream from the top of his head. His molded masked head lights up for a wand that will provide plenty of magical moments for your Spidey fan.
  • Fans can check out the full assortment of the latest Light-Up Wands with Bubbles and more outdoor toys at or shop the range in their local Disney store.
  • Bubble Wands can also be found in select Disney Parks and Resorts.