Secret Cinema, a London-based company that specializes in highly immersive screenings of films and television shows has signed a multi-title agreement with the Walt Disney Studios, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

What’s Happening:

  • Imagine being able to step into your favorite film. To not only walk through the world but to completely escape reality. To interact with the characters, uncover hidden secrets and become part of the story yourself. That’s the goal of London’s Secret Cinema.
  • Walt Disney Studios and Secret Cinema have signed a multi-title agreement to bring select titles to life with the first show later this year in London, with the deal notably mentioning expansion with future screenings stateside in Los Angeles and New York with more the possibility of more global expansion after that.
  • The titles that will be turned into these highly immersive screening events are still under discussion, though Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron, and Avengers were mentioned. The company previously held a Star Wars-themed event under a different deal.
  • Secret Cinema will work with Disney’s StudioLAB, the studio’s tech-focused storytelling laboratory hub, to provide the company’s mission of offering a unique and immersive movie-screening series that fuses film with live music, art, theater and dance, placing the audience at the heart of the action and bringing the story to life.
  • The company converts huge spaces into movie worlds where actors play out storylines and hero moments each night of the production. Audiences participate by becoming part of the show and story, from the moment they buy a ticket to when they are assigned a character and are transported into the preshow narrative. Filmgoers step into the world of the movie, becoming their character, and uncover secret storylines and participate as if they were inside the film itself.
  • In the past, Secret Cinema has tackled Moulin Rouge!, Blade Runner, Casablanca, Grand Budapest Hotel, Shawshank Redemption, Stranger Things and Alien. They even held a Back to the Future event complete with a full size recreation of the famous courthouse square from Hill Valley.

What They’re Saying:

  • Secret Cinema CEO Max Alexander: "Working with The Walt Disney Studios is much more than access to a treasure trove of titles, it’s about bringing together a unique combination of skills and expertise to build ever more authentic and amazing experiences, raising the bar again for what we mean by ‘immersive cinema.”