Over nearly the past four years, Star Wars fans have come to rely on an official video news source straight from the horse’s mouth at Lucasfilm for a wide variety of content from A Galaxy Far, Far Away: The Star Wars Show, hosted by Andi Gutierrez, Peter Townley, and Anthony Carboni. And today the company announced the YouTube webseries would be undergoing some major changes.

Beginning this afternoon, new episodes of The Star Wars Show will be released monthly instead of weekly for its fifth season, on the last Wednesday of each month throughout the year. It will also have a longer format, going from about ten minutes to around twenty minutes, made up of celebrity interview segments, remote pieces, and round-table discussions with Star Wars insiders. There will also be a new spin-off of the series entitled This Week in Star Wars, which will drop each Thursday and focus on delivering that week’s headlines from the Star Wars universe.

What’s happening:

  • Lucasfilm’s official webseries The Star Wars Show is changing from a weekly release schedule to monthly.
  • Its running time will also be about twice as long for each individual episode.
  • A weekly news-focused spinoff entitled This Week in Star Wars, hosted by Kristin Baver, will launch tomorrow, .

What they’re saying:

  • Hosts Andi Gutierrez and Anthony Carboni: “The news as you’ve known it on this show isn’t necessarily going away, but it’s changing. The Star Wars Show will still have reveals and first looks, but the weekly news section is being moved out of this show and into its own brand-new weekly series called This Week in Star Wars. It’s our very first spin-off.”
  • Gutierrez and Carboni: “The biggest change to The Star Wars Show is the move from once a week to once a month, which also means that The Star Wars Show will have the room and time needed to make even bigger and better episodes while still delivering new and breaking news on the internet every week [on This Week in Star Wars]. And we have a lot of fun stuff planned for 2020.”
Now-outdated poster for "The Star Wars Show"

Now-outdated poster for "The Star Wars Show"

The next episode of The Star Wars Show will air on Wednesday, February 26 and This Week in Star Wars launches tomorrow on the official Star Wars YouTube channel.