Disney California Adventure is assembling some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to work at the new Marvel-themed land, Avengers Campus. When guests visit that new land for the first time after it opens this summer, they won’t be greeted by ordinary cast members but rather by Superhero apprentices with aliases and code names, according to the Orange County Register.

  • The application and interview process wasn’t exactly traditional for the aspiring superheros hoping to work at Avengers Campus.
  • Prospective employees were encouraged to submit Marvel-themed resumes.
  • “For Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge we received hundreds of resumes and they all looked exactly the same,” said Disneyland project manager Michelle Sico, who helped develop the Avengers Campus application and interview process. “So for this one, we really pushed them to show us how they were different. We received some unbelievable resumes.”
  • One applicant, Karli Bull, submitted a resume that looked like a S.H.I.E.L.D. dossier, complete with a “Top Secret: Classified” stamp.
  • It didn’t stop there. Those who made it to the interview stage were given code names and were asked to come up with superhero identities and backstories for their characters.
  • “The interviews were overwhelming, but in a good way,” said Bull. “You come in and you can’t be yourself. You have to be somebody else. They put you into character right at the front door.”
  • Bull became Spotted Bull, carrying a bow and quiver of arrows like Hawkeye in addition to here mind reading and sarcasm powers, while Mark King Jr., another prospective superhero, became Vortex, with the ability to suck up negative energy and replace it with positive vibes.
  • “Vortex is a superhero who is able to bring somebody out of a negative state of being and bring them into a positive one,” Kind said. “I am someone who likes to make sure that everybody feels sincerely appreciated, valued and welcomed in each and everything that they do. Everybody doesn’t need advice. Sometimes they just need a shoulder. And that’s what I like to pride myself on.”

Mark King Jr. and Karli Bull

Mark King Jr. and Karli Bull

  • After establishing their characters, the applicants were tasked with working together to solve a series of Marvel-themed puzzles in order to “break into” the interview room.
  • “We’re complete strangers and we just get thrown into this to solve it together,” Bull said. “Right off the bat without even knowing each other’s names.”
  • Once they were inside, the applicants had to answer a series of opinion-based questions on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • “I don’t think that we needed them to be Marvel experts, but we wanted them to be excited about superheroes and super powers,” Sico said. “It was obvious going through these interviews that everyone can relate to one of these characters in some way.”
  • Sico felt this interview process helped the candidates open up and feel comfortable, as opposed to the nervous candidates she normally sees in typical interviews.
  • “We laughed a lot in these interviews,” Sico said. “I don’t ever remember interviewing people where we had so much fun. I feel like even the people who weren’t selected left the experience thinking that they had gotten something from it. They’re going to be better in their next interview.”
  • Both Bull and King Jr. are now members of the Avengers Campus test-and-adjust team that will open the new land this summer.
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