Ah, Ghirardelli Soda Fountain at Disney Springs. Is there any better place for dessert than this charming establishment? From their amazingly rich Painted Lady Sundaes, to classics like milkshakes and banana splits, this is our go-to restaurant for indulgent treats after a busy day of shopping! While all of their delicious offerings remain, the dining area of the store recently underwent a few changes to better assist with guest flow.

What’s happening:

  • Ghirardelli Soda Fountain at Disney Springs has received an updated look in their dining area.
  • The restaurant recently had a small remodel which will help with guest flow and seating. Guests who’ve visited often know how crowded it can become waiting for their orders, then trying to find a place to sit.
  • With this remodel, guests will find it easier to queue to place their order and will find a greater selection of indoor space for enjoying their desserts.  

When entering the Soda Fountain, guests will be greeted by this facade featuring the signature lighted Ghirardelli sign, a painting of one of their flagship locations, and of course, a giant ice cream sundae—with a cherry on top!


From the entry, guests will queue through one line which now zig-zags to the registers. The line is set up with stanchions and weathered ropes. Previously, the soda fountain featured a right and left side line with guests choosing the side that was the shortest! Now everyone will lineup together.

This new setup features grab and go displays with bags of Ghirardell’s famous chocolate squares that guests can purchase when ordering their speciality desserts. Additionally, new track lighting has been installed providing cool tones without being overly bright; and new wood panel flooring adds to the clean polished feel replacing the former soda fountain tiles.

The Soda Fountain still has two registers as well as three digital menu boards highlighting signature sundaes, and seasonal specials.

Finally on to the dining room! Let’s start at the top. The giant pipes pumping all the Ghirardelli Hot Fudge through the store have been removed! Now all we have to look at is the domed ceiling…and the lovely wall mural.

Before (Via Disney Springs Website)

Before (Via Disney Springs Website)



As for seating, instead of small four-top tables and soda fountain chairs, the area now features two long wooden tables with seating for up to 10 people. Additionally, a long wraparound plank table has been installed where guests can stand and enjoy their chocolate and ice cream goodies.

The Ghirardelli Soda fountain is open:

  • Sunday – Thursday: 10:30 am-11:30 pm
  • Friday, Saturday & Holidays: 10:30 am-12am

All photos by Jeremiah Good.

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