San Francisco’s Walt Disney Family Museum has announced their list of programming for the next few months and it’s bound to strike jealousy into the hearts of those who cannot attend, so if you can, you definitely should.

What’s Happening:

  • The Walt Disney Family Museum is offering numerous classes and workshops the next few months for children, adults, and students.
    • Workshops: Studio Series:

Adult Session (Ages 18 & up): 10:30am–noon

$10 members | $15 non-members

Youth Session (Ages 7–17): 1–2:30pm

$5 members | $7 non-members

  • Lip Sync Animation | Sat, Feb 22
    • By recording sound to the rhythm of a metronome ball, Walt and his team of animators produced the first Disney cartoon with synchronized sound, Steamboat Willie (1928). With full sound synchronization, audiences experienced new possibilities for the medium of animation that had not proven successful before. In this workshop, learn more about the history and technique of lip sync animation, then use timing and mouth shapes to create an animation of a character speaking.
  • Animating Fire Effects | Sat, Mar 7
    • The constant motion of fire can make it seem as alive as any other character in animation. Fantasia (1940), which celebrates its 80th anniversary this year, memorably uses fire effects to create a foreboding atmosphere in the “Night on Bald Mountain” segment to enhance the menacing demon Chernabog. Join us to learn more about Fantasia and the history of fire effects in animation, and then create your own animation by using varied timing and traditional animation techniques to simulate a flickering fire.
  • Animating Water Effects | Sat, Mar 21
    • In the process of making Pinocchio (1940), animators faced the challenge of trying to illustrate a realistically-moving ocean in the climactic scene with Monstro the whale. They used a variety of art and animation techniques to make the water look natural and their efforts continue to be lauded to this day. In honor of Pinocchio’s 80th anniversary, join us as we discuss the film’s spectacular innovations and teach how to animate water effects using similar techniques.
  • Animating Wind Effects | Sat, Apr 4
    • Wind can be a difficult element to illustrate in animation, as its effects are more visible than its presence. Disney films like The Old Mill (1937) perfectly depict the illusion of wind while showing the range of a soft breeze to a wild storm. Breeze through this workshop to learn more about the history of wind effects in animation and create your own short piece of animation.
  • Animating Flowing Hair | Sat, Apr 18
    • The natural movement of long, flowing hair is notoriously difficult to replicate in animation. However, the complex and unpredictable action of hair in motion can be broken down into simple steps and principles. Join us in this workshop to learn about timing, follow-through, and the Wave Principle as you animate a character’s luscious locks blowing in the wind.
  • How to Build a Portfolio/Demo Reel | Sat, Feb 29
  • Industry Paths
  • 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

$40 student members | $50 non-members student non-members

$80 student and parent members combo ticket

$100 student and parent non-members combo ticket

  • Walt Disney always encouraged his animators to remain lifelong students and continually learn and improve their craft with every project. Bring your art and join us for this informative workshop about how to build a well-rounded portfolio or demo-reel, and cater these items to your desired job or internship.
  • Life of an Animator | Sat, Mar 28

$45 student members | $50 non-members student non-members

$90 student and parent members combo ticket

$100 student and parent non-members combo ticket

  • Since Walt’s time, animators have found rewarding careers in a variety of roles. Working in 2D or 3D, animators are necessary in filmmaking, television, gaming, and in the art, design, and tech sectors. In this informative workshop, learn what an animator experiences in day-to-day life, what skills and training are industry standards, and what you can do to prepare yourself for a future career.
  • Workshop: Pop-Up Studio

Sun, Apr 19 | 10:30am–12:30pm

Ages 7 to adult | Free with reserved ticket

  • Designing a Carousel Seat

When Disneyland Park opened 65 years ago in July 1955, one of the opening day attractions was King Arthur Carrousel. Today, the attraction features 68 intricately-crafted white horses, each with its own unique name and details. Saddle up at this workshop to discover more about the history of this attraction before and after its installment in Disneyland Park, then invent, design, and build a small model of your own unique carousel seat that would easily fit within the world of fantasy.

  • Classes: Summer Classes

Mon-Fri 9AM-3PM

Dive deep into animation with multi-day workshops and intensives for students of all ages and levels of expertise.

  • Experimental Animation | Grades 3–5

Jun 8–19

$700 members | $800 non-members

  • The Heroine's Journey | Grades 5–8

Jul 8–19

$700 members | $800 non-members

  • Experimental Animation | Grades 6–8

Jun 22–Jul 3

$700 members | $800 non-members

  • From Sketch to Screen: World-Building

Grades 9–12 and up to age 20 | Jun 22–Jul 3

$800 members | $900 non-members

  • 3D Animation | Grades 9–12

Jul 6–17

$700 members | $800 non-members

  • From Head to Toe: Character Design | Grades 6–12

Jul 6–17

$700 members | $800 non-members

  • Around the World | Grades 3–5

Jul 20–31

$700 members | $800 non-members

  • Digital 2D Animation | Grades 6–12

Jul 20–31

$700 members | $800 non-members

  • The Walt Disney Family Museum is also currently hosting its “Healing in Color” exhibit from March 25th – August 24th. The exhibit showcases artworks created by children receiving cancer treatment at two Bay Area hospitals. Walt Disney once said that “fantasy and reality often overlap.” The young artists whose works will be on display as part of this exhibition have been encouraged to explore this intersection of fantasy and reality. Making use of a variety of materials, their artworks express a common dream for a bright future using bold colors and textures.