As Walt Disney World resort prepares to temporarily close its parks, a few of the entertainers from EPCOT’s World Showcase have announced their indefinite departures and final shows before thanking fans for supporting them over the years.

What’s happening:

  • Three entertainers/groups from EPCOT’s World Showcase have announced their final performances at the park as the resort prepares to temporarily close.
  • Among the entertainers are:
  • Each group took to Facebook to say goodbye and thank fans for their years of support and love.
  • At this time, each is suspending their shows indefinitely.
  • It’s unclear if this is a direct decision from Disney, if the unexpected park closure resulted in the ending of their contracts, or whether it’s possible that new agreements can be reached when the parks do resume operation.

What they’re saying:

via British Revolution Facebook fan page

via British Revolution Facebook fan page

British Revolution

The British Revolution posted a farewell to their Facebook fan page saying:

British Revolution and its members would like to thank Walt Disney World and all the beautiful people of the UK Pavilion for the opportunity of a lifetime. What a joy it has been to perform over 11,000 shows to gracious audiences from around the globe. Our words are not enough to express our appreciation. The greatest gift has been meeting you, your friends and families. Through the shared love of this music, we are all now connected.

“And in the end,

the love you take,

iis equal to the love,

you make.”

– the last recorded lyric by the Beatles

– last performance, Epcot Center 3.15.20

Via ClownSergio Facebook page

Via ClownSergio Facebook page


Sergio the Italian Mime who entertained guests with his silly acrobatics and impressive juggling skills also thanked his fans via Facebook.

Hello all my friends!!

Tomorrow I made finishing show in Disney world. I have no idea how much my story will happen later, but I love you very much, and always with a soul to fulfill my destiny. I love you and want to smile to hope and happiness all the children in this world! My destiny: bring smiles to this world! I filled very sad… I try made this world better, I'm sorry.

Thank you all, thank all the viewers for all the 15 years, I love you, tomorrow is the day of the day…(I can't do the show because I'm fired, I no longer have the opportunity to help children who believe in the wonders of Disney, I'm really sorry! I try believe magic. I’m really sorry for kids with cancer and leukemia…I’m try made this world with smile, this fantastic destiny! I fill Thank you all, thank viewers for all the 15 years, I love you.

via Matsuriza Facebook page

via Matsuriza Facebook page


The Japanese drumming group Matsuriza invited guests out for their final shows at World Showcase following their formal goodbye post.

Please join us at Epcot today for Matsuriza’s final performances on the Pagoda stage at the Japan Pavilion. We owe our successful 25 year run to our fearless Leader, Takamasa Ishikura. We became more than a Taiko group. We are Family.


  • 12:20
  • 1:05
  • 2:00
  • 3:20
  • 4:10
  • 5:15
  • 6:15

Please see our formal announcement on my previous post. Much love to you all. Follow Matsuriza on Instagram @Epcot_Matsuriza

Additionally the group is hoping to livestream their final show.

Matsuriza is truly overwhelmed with the outpouring of love! We are without words. We are hoping to live stream our final…

Posted by Atsumi Foreman on Sunday, March 15, 2020

via Matsuriza Facebook page

via Matsuriza Facebook page

We’re deeply saddened to announce that tomorrow, Sunday 3/15/20 will be Matsuriza’s last day performing at Epcot indefinitely. We had a fantastic 25 year run on the pagoda stage working with some of the best managers and tech team on property. Performing at the Japan Pavilion has been an honor, representing our heritage and culture to millions of guests from all over the world. It really has been a dream come true and we’re very heartbroken to see it come to an end so suddenly. We are beyond grateful to the Walt Disney World Co. for giving us the most amazing opportunity of a lifetime.

And to our fans, YOU are what we will miss the most. Thank you for all of the love and support you have have given us throughout these years. It is our biggest hope that one day Disney will bring us back. Until then, sayonara. Domo arigatou gozaimashita. Otsukaresama deshita.



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