As we find ourselves stuck inside, longing to visit a Disney theme park, some of us have come up with creative ways to replicate the experience while staying at home. Some have taken to Youtube and other media sites to watch POVs of rides, shows, and attractions. Some have found copycat recipes to cook up their own versions of park foods and treats. Others, have taken this all a step further and gotten very creative and simply re-created the experiences in their own home by whatever means necessary.

Fortunately for us, many of the folks doing this are doing so on social media sites like Youtube and TikTok so we can see what the right half of their brain is concocting to simulate the park experience at home. Some have just kept the spirit of the attraction in their attempts while others have gone all out to recreate an authentic experience. Keep checking back here because this is a trend that continues to grow by the day, and we hope to keep adding the best homemade park attractions that we find!

Some might say they’d prefer to see a homemade Paint the Night Parade, but everyone can agree that a homemade Main Street Electrical Parade is far more recognizable. We really enjoy the homemade “Salute to America” unit, but it’s all fantastic. We wonder if these folks saw the parade at Disneyland after it returned to the park in 2017, but based on the souvenir lightbulb from the parade seen in the background, we know for sure they were there when it “glowed away” “forever” back in 1996.

Jungle Cruise skippers from both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, past and present, have teamed up to bring one of the most unique of these re-creation videos to life. Dozens of Skippers tell the jokes from their own home and in each of their individual styles, but most interestingly about this video, it’s twice as long as a real trip aboard a Jungle Cruise!

On a smaller scale, some TikTok users brought the Jungle Cruise to life in their own backyard (and children’s splashpool) but the jokes are still absolutely recognizable as simulating a trip down Adventureland’s Amazon. Or Congo. Or Nile.

Dead men tell no tales and lucky for us this family is still around to show us their love for Pirates of the Caribbean! Arguably the one homemade attraction that looks the most thrilling, complete with at least a one-story drop, the family replicates classic scenes and, thanks to some creative editing as well, the feeling of being on the classic attraction.

The second star to the right, and straight on to the attic for more christmas decorations to use in this homemade version of Peter Pan’s Flight! You can almost hear the dialogue and music as this boy has you flying out the window over a Lincoln Log London and down into some villages that might have been on the mantle a few months ago. Not in the video: The 75 minute wait that is presumably in his driveway to experience the attraction.

Get ready to put on those opera glasses for the Philharmagic Orchestra’s latest performance, complete with hairstyling spray bottle! One TikTok user heads to his makeshift Fantasyland Theater to make the 3D and in-theater effects of Mickey’s Philharmagic come to life!

While it can be said that some Disney Parks Experiences are harder to recreate at home than others, we still love this re-creation of Soarin’. From Australia to EPCOT and all points in between, this homemade version comes complete with seatbelt check! Nice work, pal!

One YouTuber and his family didn’t just stop at one attraction to recreate. They went through and made the whole experience of a day at the park, including the depths of the Submarine Lagoon and some character meet and greets!

Not too long before the parks closed, a video started circulating that features a home performance of the Walt Disney World version of the classic Fantasmic! as performed by the group who sees it more than anybody: the operations cast members of the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater where the show takes place.

We don’t know about you, but we’re going to keep looking for some more of the best of the best of these videos and maybe create a whole homemade virtual Disney Park Collection! Keep checking back to see what other great ones we can find!

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