A Passenger who was onboard the Disney Wonder, disembarked and tested positive for COVID-19, according to NBC San Diego.

What’s Happening:

  • On March 19th, the Disney Wonder pulled into the Port of San Diego. It had left New Orleans on March 6th on what was supposed to be a 14 night Panama Canal cruise with stops at numerous ports along the way, but had skipped several ports of call along the route due to Coronavirus concerns.
  • Though the ship had pulled into port last week, it was today that Eric McDonald, Medical Director with the County Epidemiology and Immunization Branch confirmed that a passenger had tested positive for COVID-19.
  • When the ship arrived none of the passengers or crew had shown symptoms of the disease, except for one crew member who had influenza and later tested positive for Influenza A and B as well as pneumonia. The crew member will be tested for COVID-19 as a precaution.
  • Earlier today, a passenger aboard the ship who showed no signs at disembarkation but lives in San Diego County tested positive for COVID-19 after being admitted to a local hospital.
  • The Port of San Diego had taken precautions for those disembarking the ship, including installing hand washing stations and giving each passenger hand sanitizer, and fully sanitizing the port before and after each ship arrives. It has also been recommended by the CDC that all cruise ship passengers self quarantine after disembarking a ship.
  • Disney Cruise Line has suspended new sailings that started March 14th, originally intending for that to last until the end of the month. On March 20th, that suspension was extended and no new sailings will not take place until after April 12th.