Disney to Suspend Internships & Programs Effective April 18

Disney has announced that they will be working with Cultural Representative Program participants to help return home by April 17 and will not be able to welcome future Disney Internships & Programs participants, who were set to arrive through early June.

  • Disney will be working with Cultural Representative Program participants on a case-by-case basis to help them make travel arrangements.
  • These participants will still be paid through April 18 and will receive a lump sum on April 9.
  • Disney Program housing deduction will also be waived immediately.
  • Cultural Representatives will be invited back to complete their program in the future.
  • Disney will also amend the eligibility requirements for all Programs, so that those who have already been accepts will be able to reapply when the time is right, even if they have already graduated.
  • Additionally, those who were due to arrive through early June for Disney Internships & Programs will no longer be able to and their program fees will be refunded.
  • This news comes after Disney has already closed Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts and ended the Disney College Program and International Programs earlier than expected.
  • Disney also recently announced that it would institute a temporary furlough for non-working executive, salaried, and hourly non-union Cast Members.