The Neon Museum in Las Vegas has announced that it will be offering a Facebook Live tour of Lost Vegas: Tim Burton @The Neon Museum presented by The Engelstad Foundation today (Friday, April 10) at 1 PM PT, according to KTNV Las Vegas.

  • This live virtual tour will be conducted by Education Specialist Mitch Cohen.
  • The tour will offer people around the world the chance to experience Burton’s original artwork and installations created especially for the museum.
  • You can watch this tour on the Neon Museum Las Vegas Facebook page.

What they’re saying:

  • Rob McCoy, president and chief executive officer, The Neon Museum: “The exhibition was scheduled to continue through Sunday, April 12, but with the museum’s temporary closure due to COVID-19, we know thousands of art lovers will miss their chance to see Burton’s outstanding exhibition. This live, virtual tour will take place especially for them—and will be enjoyable for anyone who appreciates Burton’s work and iconic Las Vegas sign design.”

More on Lost Vegas: Tim Burton @The Neon Museum:

  • Lost Vegas: Tim Burton @The Neon Museum opened in October 2019.
  • The exhibit comprises sculptural and digital installations celebrating Burton’s links to Las Vegas and its historical neon heritage. These artworks, many of which are site-specific creations, will be displayed in the Neon Boneyard and incorporated into Brilliant!, the museum’s permanent projection mapping North Gallery installation.
  • Works play with the museum’s landmark sign collection, which was prominently featured in Burton’s 1996 film Mars Attacks! This irreverent homage to the sci-fi B-movies of the 1950s and 1960s and the disaster films of the 1970s unleashed gleefully destructive alien invaders upon gamblers, casino workers and Tom Jones.
  • The presentation of Burton’s art in Las Vegas represents a unique experience where the host institution also serves as creative inspiration. The museum’s distinctive campus will be transformed through the artist’s singular vision for this original exhibition of new work as well as previously exhibited pieces.
  • Tim Burton is widely regarded as one of cinema’s most imaginative and visual filmmakers. He has achieved both critical and financial success in the live-action and animation genres. Burton’s accomplishments in filmmaking are a consequence of his artistic eye. Long before becoming a director, he expressed himself through drawing and painting, which also became an integral part of his creative process. Burton’s past exhibitions have drawn millions of patrons around the world in cities such as Melbourne, Los Angeles, Paris, Prague, Tokyo, São Paulo and Mexico City.  His exhibition at MoMA in New York City drew more than 800,000 visitors, making it the third most attended exhibition ever.