In the spring of 2019, The Walt Disney Company officially acquired National Geographic as part of the Fox merger. Today, D23 The Official Disney Fan Club is sharing some facts about the newest member to the Disney family.

What’s happening:

  • D23 is giving Disney fans a closer look at National Geographic and sharing five must know facts about the company.
  • Established in 1888, National Geographic has been dedicated to learning about, exploring, and protecting the natural world.

Five Facts About National Geographic:

  • Fact 1: National Geographic was first published in 1888 as a scholarly journal that was primarily filled with articles. The stunning full page photo spreads would come later as photography technology continued to develop.

  • Fact 2: Walt Disney gave National Geographic editor, Melville Grosvenor a personal tour of Disneyland way back in 1962.

  • Fact 3: Grosvenor was the grandson of the famous telephone inventor—and second president of the National Geographic Society—Alexander Graham Bell.

  • Fact 4: The National Geographic flag has three horizontal stripes. The green (bottom) represents oceans; the brown (middle) represents land; and the blue (top) represents sky.

  • Fact 5:  The National Geographic flag has been to the moon! Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin carried the official banner with them on their fantastic journey to the lunar surface.