Wood Wood’s new capsule collection inspired by Mickey and Minnie Mouse and their early films is available now online and will launch global on May 14 at select retailers. Working directly with Disney, Wood Wood had pulled and reworked frames from original shorts to deliver this adorable versatile collection.

What’s happening:

  • Wood Wood has launched a new capsule collection in collaboration with Disney that calls back to the early days of Mickey & Minnie Mouse films from the 1920s.                
  • The capsule collection is titled ‘MMM’, an unmistakable reference to the two protagonists. The collection shines a spotlight on the iconic characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse whose presence is hard to miss throughout the designs. The whimsical prints incorporate Disney’s unique power of storytelling which draws emotions that everyone around the world can relate to.


  • Wood Wood has pulled and reworked frames from original Disney shorts to create a range of new designs incorporating motion and timelines, drawing parallels to digital .gif animations and placing vintage Mickey into a contemporary context.
  • The collection is inclusive for all with graphic designs that are relatable for kids, men and women alike.
  • Fans can shop the collection in-store and on woodwood.com starting April 30th. MMM will then launch globally on May 14th at selected retailers.

MMM Capsule Collection