As of June 1, Ikspiari shopping district at Tokyo Disney Resort will begin reopening to guests. The news was posted late in the evening (Tokyo time) on the official website. As has been the trend with Disney locations reopening, new health and safety measures are in place for the protection of guests and employees.

What’s happening:

  • Tokyo Disney Resort’s shopping and entertainment district, Iskpiari will start their phased reopening on Monday, June 1st.
  • Three additional businesses will open the day prior (May 31). These include:
    • Seijo Ishii
    • MEDI + PLUS
    • Maihama Mermaid Dentistry
  • Ikspiari has been closed since February 29th, and will begin welcoming guests back to enjoy select experiences.
  • The shopping district has outlined their reopening plan including new safety measures that will be in place for all guests.
  • Tokyo Disney Resort states that they will take measures to prevent the spread of infection, and pay attention to the safety and security of customers and employees working at the facility.
  • For more information and news about the upcoming reopening please visit the official Ikspiari website.

Current business hours

  • Store opening hours: 11:00 to 19:00
  • Some stores may have different opening hours or may be closed
  • Cinema Ikspiari: Ticket booth 11:00 to 18:30 There is no screening of late shows.
  • Tokyo Disney Ticket Center will be closed for the time being.


  • The entrance will be limited to certain sections for the time being.
  • Maihama Station side:
    • 1F The Courtyard (10:00-21:00)
    • 2F Entry Plaza (11:00-21:00)
  • Disney Ambassador Hotel side:
    • 1F Clock Tower Plaza (11:00-21:00)
  • If an area becomes highly congested with visitors, guests may be asked to wait temporarily for admission.
  • We will take a thermometer of the customer when entering the building and refrain from entering if the body temperature is 37.5°C / 99.5°F (degrees) or higher.

Available parking lot / bicycle parking lot

  • Annex parking (9:45 ~ 21:00 can be stored  24 hours can be stored)
  • Resort parking No. 5 (R5) (9:45 ~ 21:00 can be stored * 24 hours can be stored)
  • Bicycle parking lot (Available from 9:45 to 21:00)
  • Indoor parking lots (Parking A and B) are not available.
  • Ikspiari is reminding guests to please allow themselves plenty of time when visiting Please come with plenty of time.

Safety and security measures and customer requests

  • We will take measures to prevent the spread of infections such as the new coronavirus.
  • Ikspiari says they will ensure that employees who work in the facility wear masks
  • Everyone will have their temperature taken when entering the building.
  • Frequent disinfection will be performed on high touch surfaces.
  • Guests will also notice information panels and vinyl sheets at information stores to prevent splash infection.
  • Employees will guide guests around the seats of the restaurant and the benches in the building.
  • Ikspiari will work to maintain an appropriate distance between customers and employees.
  • Guests who have any requests are encouraged to contact the resort.
  • Contact Ikspiari Information TEL: 047-305-2525 (hours: 5/31 until 10:00 to 16:00 6/1 from 10:00 to19:00)