On today’s episode of the ESPN Daily podcast, NBA insider Ramona Shelburne shared the latest updates on the NBA restarting and how Walt Disney World became the leading option.

What’s Happening:

  • The NBA and its players seem to be moving in lockstep towards an agreement and the final decision of continuing the 2019-20 season at Walt Disney World in Florida.
  • The players of the league have been in lengthy calls with each other and their union leader who says a vote will not be necessary regarding the comeback of basketball.
  • General Managers of each team have all met virtually and filled out surveys on different options and formats for the return of the sport.
  • Everyone expects to have a good idea by the end of the week on where things stand and what things will look like moving forward.
  • Currently, the thought is that the league will proceed in a tournament style with the top 8 teams in each conference.
  • Regarding the option to hold the rest of the year in Florida, it was noted that the appeal of Orlando is the freedom to go outside and do other things like playing golf.
  • The deal to come to Walt Disney World was able to come together due to Bob Iger’s close relationship with the president of the National Basketball Players Association Chris Paul and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.
  • Ramona Shelburne called this relationship a “triangle of trust.”
  • The league would continue using the facilities of the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex at the Walt Disney World Resort, which already has the arenas, gyms, and even media facilities built-in to aid with ease the continuation of the sport.