Hulu Original “Pen15” Season 2 Premiere Slated for September 18

Hulu’s Original comedy series, Pen15 is back for a second season of mishaps, laughs, and teenage awkwardness told from the perspective of creators Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle. Starting on September 18, fans can stream the first half of the new season.

What’s Happening:

  • School is back in session! Join your favorite BFFs as Pen15 returns with new episodes on Friday, September 18th.
  • This morning, Hulu released a new trailer announcing the show’s return to the streamer.
  • Season Two consists of 14 episodes with the first seven premiering on September 18 and the later half joining the platform in 2021.


  • Pen15 is middle school as it really happened in the year 2000. Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine play versions of themselves as thirteen year old outcasts, surrounded by actual thirteen year olds.”

Creative Team:

  • Created, written and executive produced by:
    • Maya Erskine
    • Anna Konkle
    • Sam Zvibleman
  • Executive produced by
    • Andy Samberg
    • Akiva Schaffer
    • Jorma Taccone
    • Becky Sloviter
    • Marc Provissiero
    • Brooke Pobjoy
    • Debbie Liebling
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