Last Friday, Walt Disney World Annual Passholders noticed a rather egregious charge on their accounts if they are part of the monthly payment program, as a “glitch” in the billing system caused four months of payments to come out of Passholder’s accounts all at once. Two such passholders are now suing the Walt Disney Company, citing a breach of contract, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

What’s Happening:

  • On Friday, Walt Disney World Annual Passholders on the monthly payment plan were charged up to four months worth of payments in one lump sum.
  • Social media erupted, as Walt Disney World released info previously saying that no passes would be charged until the parks had reopened, and even then, not four months worth of charges. Individuals and families found their credit cards authorized and holding, or those whose payments are attached to a bank account might have found themselves overdrawn and incurring overdraft fees.
  • The Walt Disney Company responded, saying it was a “glitch” and the money would be released and refunded as soon as possible, though the time would vary and would also depend on the bank of each individual passholder.
  • That isn’t enough for two Miami-Dade residents, Sarah Heinman and Liza Bertran, who are suing the Walt Disney Company for Breach of Contract seeking over $30,000.
  • Heinman was charged $905 and Bertran was charged $520 according to the lawsuit, both totals equating to four months worth of payments, charged “in one fell swoop.”
  • The lawsuit, filed in Orange Circuit Court shortly after the charges, is seeking class-action status. Disney and the Miami-based law firm representing Heinman and Bertran have not made any comments on the case at this time.
  • The theme parks of Walt Disney World have been shut down since March 16th, and will all be reopen by July 15th.