This story takes place in Florida, but it starts with “Georgia woman” instead of “Florida man.” A mother was arrested on July 18th for trying to enter EPCOT at Walt Disney World with two loaded guns and a bag of marijuana in a diaper bag.

What’s Happening:

  • Central Florida WFTV9 is reporting that a Georgia woman has been charged with a misdemeanor for trying to bring two loaded handguns and 20 grams of cannabis into EPCOT.
  • Disney Security discovered a handgun in Yunique Smith’s diaper bag and the entire party was brought to a secure room where an Orange County Police Officer met with them.
  • While meeting with the police officer, a second loaded handgun was discovered in the diaper bag in addition to marijuana, which is illegal in Georgia and only legal in Florida under a doctor’s prescription for medicinal use.
  • Smith admitted that the guns were hers but neither she or an adult male with her had permits to carry a concealed firearm.
  • Neither of the handguns were registered to an owner and neither were reported stolen.
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