While [email protected] has been going on for the last few days, Mondo shared their own panel titled “Art of Soundtracks.” In that panel, they announced a special Tron: Legacy anniversary vinyl soundtrack that will be coming soon.

  • In the closing moments of Mondo’s more than hour-long panel, they announced some exciting new pieces coming soon, including an eight-disc vinyl soundtrack boxed set collecting composer Ludwig Göransson’s music from the first season of The Mandalorian and a Tron: Legacy anniversary vinyl soundtrack.
  • Mondo’s Mo Shafeek explained that the project has already been approved and is coming “very very soon.”
  • The vinyl features art from Matt Taylor and while the artwork in the image above is not final, Shafeek explained that it is only the slip cover and “what is underneath it exposes a whole bunch of other amazing art.”
  • Disney’s Tron: Legacy was released back in 2010 and will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in December.
  • While this new anniversary vinyl soundtrack is not available yet, you can find a whole bunch of other amazing artwork and merchandise on Mondo’s website.
  • You can watch Mondo’s full “Art of Soundtracks” panel here: