We all have dreams and aspirations. Even well into our years, we continue to think about “what could have been” sometimes, and that’s true even for some of the most successful personalities. In a question prompted by a viewer, NBC Television Anchor Al Roker shared his dream that he once wanted to be an animator for Walt Disney Studios.

What’s Happening:

  • In a recent broadcast of NBC’s Today Show, Host and Weatherman Al Roker and others were taking questions from viewers.
  • One viewer asked what other job the hosts of the trademark morning show asked what the hosts wanted to do when they were children.
  • Roker, who has been on NBC for over forty years, answered that he would have liked to have been an animator for Walt Disney.
  • He mentions dabbling in the artform, even today trying his hand at computer animation and has great respect for the artists and the artform.
  • Roker even mentions a love for comic books, and has even tried his hand at comic illustration and would have liked to have had a daily syndicated comic.
  • Roker may have wanted to be an animator, but he is no stranger to Disney animation. He guest starred in the second season of the popular Disney channel series, The Proud Family, as a character who granted Penny Proud’s wishes, but at a cost.

What They’re Saying:

  • Al Roker: “I wanted to be an animator for Walt Disney. I’m an amatuer cartoonist, love Disney cartoons, so that’s what I wanted to do. Now with computers, I do a little computer animation, but you know, I still am in awe of the artwork and the technical skill of these artists.”