Guinevere, Barley Lightfoot’s majestic steed from Disney and Pixar’s Onward, has rolled into Disney’s Hollywood Studios as a new light-up popcorn bucket! For $18.00, Guests can get this cool bucket with working headlights and the beautiful pegasus paint job on the side. Ian and Barley make an appearance through the windshield and the wheels actually rotate.

Guests can choose to get their popcorn inside the bucket or on the side in a disposable box. The bucket also includes a strap that features the film’s logo on it. Fans of the film, which is now streaming on Disney+, will recall that Guinevere helped Ian and Barley get pretty far along on their quest to find the last Phoenix Stone and the van even helped save the day with a memento Barley kept from her after they parted ways.

Be on the lookout for this exciting popcorn bucket on your next visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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