National Geographic knows how tough Mondays can be, which is why they have developed a cure. “Mind Blown Mondays” will air at the start of every week to help ignite your synapses and get your brain back into shape to take on the week ahead. Whether working from home, remote schooling, or just trying to decrease your stress, viewers will want to tune in every Monday through October 12th for a mental workout with two great programs.

We’ve partnered with National Geographic to offer a glimpse at a new episode of this Mind Blown Mondays’ new episode of Science of Stupid hosted by Ben Aaron. The series takes a closer look at videos where things go wrong, analyzing the how and why of the scientific method. Here’s a look at the show’s opening sequence to give you a better idea of the fun in store.

In one of this week’s videos, Ben Aaron examines some mountain bikers traveling along a mountain ridge where gravel brakes apart under their tires. Take a look!

In the last of our early look at this week’s episode, we get to see some fun robot fails, including two Alexa speakers talking to each other.

You can see this brand-new episode of Science of Stupid on Monday, September 21st, at 9/8c following a new episode of Brain Games at 8/7c only on National Geographic, part of Mind Blown Mondays.