This week 20/20 will explore the story of jailhouse snitch Paul Skalnik with the two-hour episode, The Perfect Liar. In addition to Skalnik’s own criminal story and witness testimony in multiple cases—resulting in a death row ruling for four individuals—the episode will feature an exclusive interview with one of these men who’s maintaining his innocence.

What’s Happening:

  • A new episode of 20/20 features notorious jailhouse snitch Paul Skalnik, a witness in a total of 35 Florida cases who helped send dozens to jail, including four to death row.
  • During the same time, Skalnik was released from jail for several crimes he committed after offering testimony in criminal cases.
  • Skalnik testified against James Dailey, who’s been on Florida’s death row for over three decades for the murder of teenager Shelly Boggio.
  • As Dailey continues to fight for exoneration and maintains his innocence, he shares his thoughts on the case and his hopes to clear his name in his exclusive, emotional interview with ABC’s Matt Gutman.

  • 20/20 also features a phone interview with Gutman and Skalnik, the last before Skalnik’s death. Gutman pressed him about the validity of the testimonies he made and asked if he has any regrets.
  • 20/20 also takes a look at the long history of lies and cons perpetrated by Skalnik while he was free and his remarkable treatment by authorities time and time again, shining a light on the controversial use of jailhouse informants and how authorities sometimes trade rewards for information.
  • The two-hour program also goes behind-the-scenes with Josh Dubin, the lead attorney for Dailey’s new defense team, as he tirelessly fights to save Dailey’s life before a death warrant is signed.
  • The Perfect Liar airs on Friday, October 23 (9:00 – 11:00 pm ET) on ABC.

About 20/20:

  • 20/20 is anchored by David Muir and Amy Robach.
  • David Sloan is senior executive producer.
  • Matt Lombardi is senior producer, Lisa Soloway is senior editorial producer.
  • Andrew Paparella, Rich McHugh and Emily Whipp are producers of this episode.