“Star Wars: Squadrons” December Content Drop Has Arrived

Star Wars: Squadrons has come out with a new free update. Let’s check out the video and go over what’s new for us pilots.

  • Aside from general improvements to the overall gameplay and controls, we are getting two new ships to pilot.
  • The B-wing has been added to the New Republic fleet with an Ion Beam that does significant damage to capital ship shields, and a Gyro/Aux Control Module that allows you to rotate the entire ship around your cockpit, in true B-wing style.
  • The TIE defender was added to the Imperial Navy with an Advanced Power System allowing you to overcharge systems with max power or give a weaker overcharge to all systems.
  • We are also getting custom match matching, so you can battle as you please with your choice of map and other options.
  • Catch up on what was new in the November supply drop as well as more info on this December supply drop.

You can read our review of the single-player portion of the game here or purchase the game.