D23 Members can take advantage of all kinds of great perks and there will be one more coming soon. D23 has introduced “Disney Treasures From The Vault” as a way for Disney fans to collect an all-new line of limited-edition Disney plush in 2021.

  • “Disney Treasures From The Vault” will be brought to you by Amazon in 2021 and it is a way for D23 members to collect this new limited-edition plush.
  • “Disney Treasures From The Vault” will be a “unique collection that celebrates some of the most beloved Disney characters from the first 50 years of the Walt Disney Company.”
  • The inspiration for the collection came from vintage Disney artwork from the 1930s through the 1970s after the Walt Disney Archives Team opened the Disney Vaults.
  • D23 Members will be the first to learn about the new plush available on Amazon on the first Thursday of every month.
  • Each plush will be available for sale on the following day.
  • Be sure to check back for more information on “Disney Treasures From The Vault” as it becomes available.
  • You can become a D23 member here.