Disney’s new video series, “The Wish Effect,” takes a closer look at the power of a wish and the impact it can have on a child’s life long after it comes true. The latest episode introduces TJ, whose wish to tour Walt Disney Animation Studios and meet with animators was granted in 2019.

  • The Disney Parks Blog shared a closer look at TJ’s wish.
  • TJ was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 11 and drew his own sketches of his favorite Disney characters while watching films like Lilo & Stitch, The Lion King and Brother Bear throughout his treatments.
  • TJ explained his wish, saying “I want to be a Disney animator and I wanted to see what goes into making my favorite movies.”
  • Fox Carney, Manager of Research for the ARL talked about TJ’s experience:
    • “When I saw TJ walk in, his jaw just dropped, looking at our table of artwork. He said, ‘Wow, this really means something,’ and it shows a greater perspective when you see the connection that it makes with a child, and a child for whom this is so important. It makes our job even that much more worthwhile. It makes our coming into work just that much more meaningful.”
  • TJ met with a group of animators and producers over lunch at Walt Disney Animation Studios and got an inside look at how a film goes from inception to the big screen.
  • You can watch the full episode of “The Wish Effect” in the video below:

Previous episodes of “The Wish Effect”:

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