Disney’s Animal Kingdom Animals Bid Adieu to 2020 in Fun Fruit Smashing Video

Wouldn’t it be nice to just crush 2020 and erase it from the world? Of course we can’t do that, but the Animals at Walt Disney World are offering a bit of an alternative as they smush and tear through natural items in their environments labeled “2020.”

What’s Happening:

  • Alright folks, we’re finally at the end of 2020 and even the animals at Walt Disney World are ready to bid this year adieu!
  • The creatures that call the Resort home recently spent some time smashing fruits and boxes decorated with “2020” and the Disney Parks Blog has it all on video. Take a look:

  • From Elephants, rhinoceroses, and gators, to spiders, anteaters, and more, the Disney Park animals went to town smushing or tearing 2020 out of existence and boy does that feel good to watch!
  • In addition to sharing the video, Disney’s Scott Terrell expressed gratitude for the Cast Members who provided care for all of the animals during an especially challenging year.
  • Part of the end of year project was to provide “enrichment” for these creatures by introducing them to fresh, unique objects in their environment so they can use their natural behaviors to check it out.
  • In his post, Terrell also notes some of the behaviors seen in the video such as rooting and smashing, and using their horns and noses to explore the world around them.
  • Guests can see many of these animal friends at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but if a trip to Disney isn’t on the list this year, there’s another way to get to know them.
  • Earlier this year National Geographic debuted a documentary series, Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom that takes audiences behind the scenes of animal life at the park. Check it out now on Disney+!
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