El Capitan Theatre’s New Years Concessions to Go Includes Disneyland Throwback Popcorn Box

Disney’s El Capitan Theatre is celebrating the new year with new Concessions to Go options including Disneyland throwback popcorn buckets and a stainless steel mug and glow cube offer.

What’s Happening:

  • Disneyland fans can get some souvenirs that from the park’s 65th anniversary from Disney’s El Capitan Theatre’s Concessions to Go program.
  • The theatre is selling two styles of popcorn buckets and a stainless steel mug that comes with glow cubes, none of which come with food.
  • These items are only available to ship, the El Capitan Theatre is not open at this time.
  • The Retro Popcorn Box with Flip Lid is selling for $25 and harkens back to the original popcorn box design from the park,created for the 65th anniversary and sold over the summer at Downtown Disney.

  • A Stainless Steel Madison Mug comes with two diamond-shaped glow cubes for $35 and has similar iconography from the retro popcorn box.

  • The last item available is the Aqua Mickey Mouse Balloon Bucket, which was previously released at the park. It sells for $20.00.

  • A $3.00 transaction fee is applied to all orders and shipping costs between $7.00 and $25.00, depending on the number of items purchased.
  • Click here to shop the El Capitan Theatre’s Concessions to Go items.