Tomorrowland Metroliner Non-Stop, not-yet departed Rockettower Plaza Station for a round trip circle skyway tour! Well, hopefully soon anyway as we spotted some Peoplemover trains on the move at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom earlier today!

What’s Happening:

  • Though originally scheduled to reopen with the park after the closure due to the pandemic in July, the Peoplemover above Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland has been shuttered since the park closed back in Mid-March.
  • We’ve previously noticed that the TTA Peoplemover was listed on the My Disney Experience app as “unavailable” and when double checking this status, saw that it was no longer listed as an attraction at all. The neighboring Astro Orbitor and Carousel of Progress are still prominently featured.
  • On the My Disney Experience App, when looking at the Magic Kingdom map, you can see that there is a label for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover, but can no longer access any information regarding the attraction.
  • The above details certainly struck fear in many a Peoplemover fan, as the 45 year old attraction was almost mirroring its California counterpart which is shuddered and abandoned since being converted to the ill-fated cult classic attraction, Rocket Rods.
  • Today, after seeing signs of work being done here and there, we spotted Peoplemover trains on the move through the Tomorrowland skyline.
  • Though it has changed numerous times over the last few months, the Peoplemover appears on the official refurbishment schedule through January 30th, and reopening on January 31st. The movement of the trains today leads us to believe (or at least hope) that we may actually see the 31st arrive with the chance of riding one of our favorite Magic Kingdom attractions.

  • The Peoplemover isn’t the only thing we checked out today while at the Magic Kingdom! You can enjoy the rest of our adventures at the park with our Park Walk & Talk below!

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