“The Old Man and the Three” Podcast sat down for part of their leadership series with the Executive Chairman of the Walt Disney Company, and former CEO, Bob Iger.

What’s Happening:

  • In the second installment of the “Old Man and the Three” Podcast Leadership Series, JJ and Tommy are joined by the Executive Chairman of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger.
  • In the outstanding interview, Iger discusses his incredible journey, from his humble beginnings in the studios of ABC to the top of the mountain as the CEO of Disney, all the while holding nothing back and delivering honest and compassionate answers on what it takes to make it in worlds of entertainment, business, and life.
  • Iger also explains his relationship with Chris Paul and his involvement in making the NBA bubble happen, and on the importance of a daily workout routine, using your workouts to increase focus and declutter your mind.

  • What was it about the moment of being named Chairman of Disney that peaked his confidence? Managing the balance of ego, confidence, and praise – and the danger of becoming overconfident? What made him step down as CEO of Disney?
  • The group also discusses the harnessing of talent and utilizing people the right way, looking back on the purchase of Marvel and whether or not he is surprised at how successful it's turned out.
  • Iger breaks down his role at his first job at ABC, and whether or not things would have been more difficult if it was spent in this current social media landscape.
  • You can listen to the podcast on Radio.com.