The Orlando Sentinel has reported that both Universal Orlando and the Walt Disney World Resort are lobbying for beer company deals to appear at their theme parks.

What’s Happening:

  • The Orlando Sentinel has reported that both Disney and Universal are looking to get beer advertisements and naming right deals to start appearing at their theme parks.
  • They are both pushing for a state law change that would give beer companies more exposure through the advertisement deals to help bring in more revenue during what has been a difficult time for the hospitality industry.
  • Small breweries are worried about it though, due to the lack of exposure they would get with bigger companies coming in able to afford these deals, leaving them out of the eyes of consumers.
  • The Orlando Sentinel says that State Representative Josie Tomkow has mentioned that the bill would not allow theme parks to give preferential treatment to those who have approved deals and could still sell beer from other companies.
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