“Toy Story 4” Inspired Forky and Karen Beverly Collectible Key Set Available Now on shopDisney

The Disney Collectible Key series is highlighting Toy Story 4 with their upcoming spring release. Fans will be able to bring home two new keys featuring Bonnie’s creations, Forky and Karen Beverly. Both items are now available on shopDisney

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What’s Happening:

  • Trash, they’re trash! Collectible trash that is! shopDisney has debuted two new Collectible Keys inspired by upcycled characters Forky and Karen Beverly from Pixar’s Toy Story 4
  • For those not familiar, Forky is a cleverly crafted spork that Bonnie made in school. He had a substantial role in the film and went on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance thanks to some helpful guidance from Woody.

  • As for Karen Beverly, blink and you’ll miss her. She’s another of Bonnie’s creative crafts that used to be a knife. She joins Bonnie’s toys at the end of the movie.

Forky and Karen Beverly Collectible Key Set – Toy Story 4

  • The Forky Key features a blue Disney “D” icon on one end with a red accent and vertical picture of the character in the middle. The other end of the key has Bonnie’s name, and the Pixar Lamp and Ball to represent the key’s teeth/tines.

  • The Karen Beverly Key closely resembles the Forky design with slightly different coloring. The “D” is yellow, the middle of the key has green accents and a picture of her.
  • Both Keys are available as part of a 2-pack retailing for $19.99.

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