The Walt Disney Family Museum is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World with Virtual Studio Sessions that fans can participate in. 4 sessions inspired by EPCOT are now open for registration, scheduled for March 13th through April 24th. Each session is 90-minutes in length and sessions are split between participants over the age of 18 ($18 fee) and those ages 7 to 17 ($15 fee). Members of the museum get a discount on tickets. Read-on to learn more about each session and how to sign-up.

(Walt Disney Family Museum)

(Walt Disney Family Museum)

Animating a Chef | Sat, Mar 13

“Join us in this workshop as we learn to animate the gestures and mannerisms of a chef cooking and flipping food in their kitchen. Gain a better understanding of staging and fluid animation while using techniques such as slow in and slow out, exaggeration, and solid drawing to bring your chef to life.”

Animate Eating | Sat, Mar 27

“Join us as we explore various cultural dishes and traditions as we learn how to animate a character munching on their meal. Using principles such as anticipation, arcs, and exaggeration, create believable jaw movements that shows a character’s delight as they sink their teeth into their favorite treat.”

Animate a Dragon | Sat, Apr 10

“Follow along with us as we look at the history of animated dragons and teach you how to draw and animate one using 2D hand-drawn animation. Learn the physics of how wings carry creatures in flight and utilize design, volume, and weight to create a simulation of a dragon pushing itself through the air with ease and grace.”

Animating a Spaceship | Sat, Apr 24

“Join us as we take a closer look at intergalactic worlds, the evolution of space in animation, and aircraft. Explore perspective and three-dimensional spaceship design, then create a flight path to give the illusion that your ship is soaring through the galaxy at great speeds.”

Click here to register for any of the above sessions.