Marvel has announced that the finale of the Heroes Reborn story will be released in June with Heroes Return #1.

Cover by Leinil Francis Yu

Cover by Leinil Francis Yu

What’s Happening:

  • Marvel has announced Heroes Return #1, the finale to the story Heroes Reborn.
  • The oversized finale will reveal the fate of the new Marvel Universe, a world without Avengers and Squadron Supreme taking their place.
  • Heroes Return #1 is written by Jason Aaron with art by Ed McGuinness. The cover is by Leinil Francis Yu.
  • Heroes Return #1 will go on sale on June 23, 2021.

About “Heroes Reborn”

  • “Heroes Reborn presents a world without Avengers where the Squadron Supreme took their place. Now, a group of otherworldly heroes have assembled and are ready to fight for the mantle of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in a glorious super hero slugfest that will shake the Marvel Universe to its core.”

What They’re Saying:

  • Jason Aaron, Writer: “Maybe the wildest story I've ever put on paper. I got to cut loose on this and release my inner comic-reared child in a really profound way, and together with a cadre of immensely imaginative artists, we built a world that I'm pretty confident in saying is quite unlike any version of the Marvel Universe you've seen before. It grew out of the pages of my Avengers run, but kept getting bigger and bigger as it went, and the more pieces I put in place for this Reborn world, the more gleeful and excited I became. This project really stoked the fires of my love for comics in all the right ways.”