Next month, Marvel Comics’ Guardians of the Galaxy return with an expanded team and new adventures as they protect the outer reaches of space. Today, Marvel revealed a trailer for the upcoming issue along with a sneak peek of the issue’s artwork.

What’s Happening:

  • Marvel’s New Space Age Is Here! Prepare for the ride of your life as writer Al Ewing and artist Juan Frigeri kick off a new era of Guardians of the Galaxy in Guardians Of The Galaxy #13.
  • The milestone 175th legacy issue will introduce a new status quo for the band of cosmic heroes which finds the Guardians deputized by the Galactic Council.

  • Facing down their greatest threats and embarking on their boldest missions, the Guardians need to expand their roster like never before.
  • The new team includes:  
    • Star-Lord
    • Gamora
    • Rocket
    • Groot
    • Wiccan
    • Hulkling
    • The original Quasar
    • and Doctor Doom!
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy #13 hits stands on April 14, 2021!
  • Marvel shared a first glimpse at the action-packed new adventures in the Guardians of the Galaxy #13. Take a look:

  • Additionally, Marvel is giving fans even more to be excited for with a look at exclusive artwork from the comic series.

What They’re Saying:

  • Al Ewing: “It's a way to change things up a little, to raise the stakes and the tension, and partly it's a way to play off S.W.O.R.D. – the Space Avengers to counter the Space X-Men.” But mostly, it was where the story wanted to go. Originally, this was all heading to a darker place, but – possibly because the world's endured enough darkness recently – once I was in the thick of it, I ended up tacking towards something brighter and more positive, and that led to the idea of the Guardians as a superhero team in a more official capacity.”


  • Guardians Of The Galaxy #13 
  • Written by Al Ewing
  • Art by Juan Frigeri
  • Colors by Federico Blee
  • Cover by Brett Booth

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