First Day of A Touch of Disney Event at Disney California Adventure

Today’s the day! The sun is shining! The tank is clean, and we got to go into parts of Disney California Adventure that we haven’t seen in over year as part of the Touch of Disney event at the park. During the event, the attractions of the park remain closed and not operating but numerous food stands and merchandise locations are open throughout, as well as the majority of the park to just walk through.

The Touch of Disney event, which is sold out for the remainder of event dates, was $75.00 but that included a $25.00 gift card for use on dining at the event, as well as parking in the Mickey and Friends parking structure. Parking here is similar to what we’ve seen at the Florida parks, where parking is spaced out filling every other space to allow for social distancing.

One new thing we noticed was the addition of sensors in the garage that indicate how many spaces are available on the level/in the row. We’ve also noticed the trash cans, also similar to lessons learned in Florida have been propped open to lessen the amount of touching on the surface.

Coming out of the Mickey and Friends parking structure, we go through a required temperature check.

Just a quick look over at the Pixar Pals parking structure.

After the temperature check the long walk begins. Parking trams aren’t running during this event, so the lane has become a dedicated walkway into the resort. It’s a good thing the temperatures are taken at the garage, otherwise the walk in the Southern California heat could lead to an abundance of guests not being able to get in, at least without a rest and recheck. Along the walk are numerous billboards advertising and welcoming those to the Touch of Disney event, and as you get closer to the resort proper, designs featuring favorite characters and stylized park icons. There are also little road signs promising a churro stand in the distance.

Poking through the fence though, you can now tell how close you are to Backstage Disneyland, and you might spot a ride vehicle or two out for maintenance, like this boat from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Or, you might even encounter ride vehicles stationed on the pathway itself, like this photo op featuring Autopia cars, presented by Honda. Guests can climb in and take photos with the vehicles, and cast is nearby to clean accordingly.  

Then it’s into the Esplanade, but don’t let the crowds at the gate fool you. This is a limited-capacity event and it started at a specific time. Similar to how it is when a park opens, everyone gathers outside (socially distanced and spaced in this instance) and once inside, disperse throughout the park.

The Taste of Disney event features different menu items from throughout the Disneyland Resort, and thanks to a special event map, we know what we can find and where.

If you’re a Legacy Passholder, don’t forget to stop by and get your special magnet and button.

Throughout the park, various photo ops have been set up, including one featuring Ariel’s grotto area presented by H20+, since Ariel is featured on some of their products.

Similar to the Autopia photo spot on the way in, just outside of Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters you’ll find a few of Luigi’s cousins parked out front near the tire tower.

More spots are set up around the park, including one featuring a parade float from the Pixar Play parade.

Our friends at D23 have also presented a photo op featuring numerous hands of Mickey Mouse pointing at YOU. This one is featured in the Pacific Wharf area of the park.

A special photo op for Disney Visa Card members with a replica of the Grizzly Peak billboard is also available.

Characters are also popping up all around the park. We were able to spot Joy playing with a core memory (we know it’s a core memory, we asked!) at the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind.

Over in the Pacific Wharf, we spotted Goofy doing a little fishing, and little later on we spotted his son Max with him, though unfortunately they didn’t do The Perfect Cast together while fishing.

Over in the Paradise Garden Grill area of the park, Miguel from Coco was seen (in puppet form) and has a special area set out for him.

Donald Duck was spotted way up high on a patio at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa!

Some favorite friends were even spotted on the platform for Silly Symphony Swings! You can even see Mickey in his Barnyard Concert Conductor outfit if you time it right!

Near Radiator Springs Racers, Lightning McQueen and Mater can be found.

Throughout the park, outdoor seating like that in Pacific Wharf is enjoyed, and tables have been set up where they haven’t been before, including some in areas you’d never think to see them. Like these ones, in the Paradise Gardens Park, AKA The viewing area for World of Color.

Over on Pixar Pier, we also noticed these new, almost playing card-esque pieces of wall decor featuring Toy Story Characters as they appear in Toy Story Midway Mania

Avengers Campus, the next big land coming to Disney California Adventure is arriving soon, but not just yet. We can get a small glimpse near the D-Lish cart of the event, and the construction walls in the area are covered with billboards promoting the upcoming Black Widow.

Seen below, our very own Mike Celestino was at the park for the event today and took us on a Live Stream tour of the event as part of one of our Live Walk & Talks, which you can also watch below!