Hulu joins the branded entertainment space with the upcoming series Exposure as they team up with Samsung.

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter, Hulu

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter, Hulu

What’s Happening:

  • The Hollywood Reporter has released some details on Hulu’s upcoming show Exposure coming April 26.
  • The series will have up-and-coming photographers compete in weekly challenges with a winner being named the next great photographer.
  • The series will be the start of Hulu’s branded entertainment collaborations, where marketers are involved in the execution of the show.
  • For Exposure, the photographers will be using the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G camera for the challenges as Samsung has created the series.
  • The thought is with ads being skippable, having a branded entertainment show will give marketers and companies better exposure to customers with their products. The difference from having product placement is that for Exposure and other shows coming, the marketing brand helped in the actual creation of the show.

You can check out Exposure when it premieres on Hulu on Monday, April 26.

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