Writer Jason Aaron Discusses “Heroes Reborn” on Marvel Live

Writer Jason Aaron joined Ryan Penagos on Marvel Live today to discuss the upcoming “Heroes Reborn” Marvel Comics event.

  • Before chatting with the renowned writer, Penagos shared a look at a brand new trailer for “Heroes Reborn.”
  • “It is a version of the Marvel Universe that I’m pretty confident in saying we’ve never seen before,” Aaron said of the upcoming comic story. “And the world has been changed so the Avengers never existed and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have always been the Squadron Supreme, which as you could imagine, changes quite a lot of the Marvel stories that we know from the past.”
  • Aaron also introduced us to the Squadron Supreme, a team of heroes that consists of:
    • Hyperion
    • Nighthawk
    • Doctor Spectrum
    • Power Princess
    • Blur
  • Aaron also ran through a list of artists who worked with him on these comics. The list includes:
    • Ed McGuinness
    • James Stokoe
    • R.M. Guera
    • And more
  • Aaron, who has been writing the ongoing Avengers series, also touched on why he wanted to work on something going in such a different direction.
  • “I like those stories that kind of tweak Marvel history a little bit,” Aaron said. “When there’s no Avengers, there’s no Spider-Man, there’s no Fantastic Four, but really, you know, the MArvel Universe as we know it, the heroes don’t exist in this world as we know them. So the Squadron have been at the heart of every major Marvel story, whether that’s the first time Galactus came to Earth, the Kree-Skrull War, the Civil War, everything has been changed to reflect the Squadron Supreme characters.”
  • “Heroes Reborn” will begin this May.
  • You can watch the full Marvel Live interview below:

About “Heroes Reborn”:

  • “Heroes Reborn presents a world without Avengers where the Squadron Supreme took their place. Now, a group of otherworldly heroes have assembled and are ready to fight for the mantle of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in a glorious super hero slugfest that will shake the Marvel Universe to its core.”