Today, the 38th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort, we got to take a look at the scale model of the next port of call coming to Tokyo DisneySea in 2023, Fantasy Springs.

What’s Happening:

  • Today, April 15th, when Tokyo Disney Resort celebrates its 38th anniversary, a part of the image model of the theme port Fantasy Springs, which will be newly born at Tokyo DisneySea in 2023, will be released for the first time as a video.
  • Fantasy Springs is the eighth theme port of Tokyo DisneySea, which consists of three areas and a new hotel, and has a total development area of ​​approximately 140,000 square meters, the largest since the opening of Tokyo DisneySea.
  • The three areas are based on the Disney movies Frozen, Tangled and Peter Pan, and attractions, restaurants and attractive spaces invite guests to the world of their stories.
  • The image model was created in about 1 / 50th the size of the actual size (about 7m x 11m). In the development process, not only concept art and drawings, but also multiple models like this will be created, and the positional relationship and size of buildings and plants will be examined. For this release, artists have re-colored the model and photographed it from various angles so that everyone could imagine the scenery of Fantasy Springs more concretely.
  • The model depicts Arendelle Castle at the foot of a beautiful snowy mountain, Rapunzel's tower overlooking the forest, Peter Pan's hometown Neverland, and the pirate ship that appears in the movie. You can feel as if the world of Fantasy Springs is expanding.
  • Tokyo DisneySea was born on September 4, 2001 as the second park of Tokyo Disney Resort, and this year marks the 20th anniversary. With the addition of Fantasy Springs to Tokyo DisneySea, which has continued to evolve, the appeal and experience value of Tokyo DisneySea will be further enhanced.

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